If you need to boost your credit score FAST…to buy a home, for example…it’s crucial that you take action TODAY.

Why today?

Several reasons.

First, fixing your credit takes time. Even the most efficient FICO professionals need at least 30 days to fix your credit report by removing negative items.

Second, in this economy, FICO pros who specialize in credit repair are busy, busy, busy. Even if you call today, they may not be able to fit you into their schedule for weeks.

Third, the longer you wait, the more you pay. Even one additional month renting an apartment can mean thousands of dollars in lost equity. And a few points on your score could me tens of thousands of dollars in higher interest payments!

Fourth, don’t underestimate the cost of stress. Picking up the phone and getting started on your credit report repair can feel like a HUGE burden lifted from your shoulders. Moving FORWARD always feels better than staying stuck…or moving BACKWARD!

And nobody moves you forward faster than we do at LMF Credit Services, Inc.

We are here to Help!

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