Written by: John Ulzheimer

Filing for bankruptcy protection is one of the most difficult decisions one would ever have to make.

Bankruptcy is like waving the white flag and giving up on your obligations. As you can imagine, filing for bankruptcy protection can have an extremely negative impact on your credit reports and credit scores, which will not go away any time soon as bankruptcy filings remain on file for 10 years.

People who have filed bankruptcy should not be under the assumption that their credit reports will accurately reflect the then current status of their debts. Errors can and will occur; and may suggest that you still owe discharged debts.

Here are some simple steps for making sure your credit reports are as accurate as possible after gaining bankruptcy protection:

Check For Errors

Many years ago the credit reporting agencies were notorious for incorrectly reporting information about debts that were included in bankruptcy protection. However, thanks to one huge class action lawsuit the credit reporting agencies have gotten much better about accurately reporting debts that are no longer owed because of bankruptcies. Still, errors can occur:

Chapter 7

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