Q: Can’t I repair my own credit instead of paying your company to do it for me?

A: Absolutely!!! You can repair your own credit, but do you really know all the ins and outs of repairing your own credit? We know how credit agencies work. We do this for a living. Did you know you can also represent yourself in a court of law? We, however recommend you hire a professional; an attorney.

Q: Can your company guarantee that my credit score will improve?

A: Although we cannot guarantee your credit score will improve, we will do everything we can to fight the credit agencies, on your behalf, and clean up your credit report; as well as recommend ways to keep your credit score up.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: If you follow our recommendations and instructions, you should see positive results in just a few short months or days; often sooner.

Q: What exactly is the process?

A: The program is a 2-step process:
Your Initial Consultation which is $149.  We create an evaluation an plan of action specifically for your situation. This entails pulling and evaluating your credit report, and creating a plan on how to increase your credit score and clean your credit. This is your roadmap.
For additional information, give us a call at 844-WE-FIX-CREDIT. Better days are ahead, so we urge you to get started on the road to recovery by contacting us by phone or by completing the form on the lower right hand corner of the page.

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